Most university presentations are expected to have some component of visual support. One of the popular options for classroom presentations is Prezi, which helps you create informative and engaging slides to accompany various types of presentations. However, many college students utilize Prezi like any other slideshow program and do not take advantage of some of the interactive features that the online storage and presentation allows. For example, you may not consider using the remote presentation option in your class. However, if your classmates have access to laptops, tablets, or smartphones in your class, there are several reasons why you should use the remote presentation option as well as connect your computer to a classroom projector. 

Remote Presentation Allows Classmates to See Your Presentation More Clearly

Depending on the size of your classroom and the quality of your projector, your entire class may not be able to easily see and read the projector screen while you give your presentation. By giving out a link for remote viewing, your classmates can easily follow along at their desks. This means they will not have to strain their eyes to see your presentation and can concentrate on the content of your presentation instead. This will help you keep the back row of the classroom as engaged as those who are sitting in front. 

Remote Presentation Makes Asking Questions About Specific Parts of Your Presentation Easier 

One of the features of remote presentations allows you to give temporary control to any one who is watching the presentation. If your classmate has a question about a previous slide, you can give them control of the presentation and allow them to scroll back to the slide instead of having them describe the slide while you try to find it. This can make your presentation more interactive and engaging while also helping boost the clarity of your ideas. 

Remote Presentation Allows Absent Classmates to Participate 

Sometimes you need critical feedback from your classmates in order to progress with your project. In those cases, you want to make sure that your entire class sees your presentation. If you utilize a remote presentation, you can allow classmates who are at home for the day to sign in and watch your presentation in order to give you feedback. 

When you are using a new visual tool for presentations, it is important that you consider all of the features available to you. Using remote presentation mode can increase the engagement and success of many of your college presentations.