Along with the photography, the videography will be one of the most long-lasting and often-seen souvenirs from your wedding. For this reason, it's vital to help ensure a good wedding video no matter if you have an amateur or a professional doing the work. Here is a guide for any bridal couple to help capture their wedding on film.

Help the Videographer Plan. Be sure to meet with the videographer early in the planning process so that they can begin planning how to best capture your wedding. This may involve knowing details like the size of the wedding party, the events that will take place during the reception, the logistics of the reception hall, and traditions that you will be having at your ceremony. Invite the videographer to the rehearsal, as well, so that they can see things in action and plan where to be to capture the events.

Give Them a View. Make sure you take into consideration anyone who will be recording during the ceremony and the reception. Often, the photographer receives preferential treatment when it comes to being in the middle of the festivities, but make sure that your videographer will be in there, too. Help them determine where they need to be to get those important "money shot" moments and who they can talk to about any special needs they have during the big day. 

Talk to Others Taking Pictures. Whether you have a professional photographer or just a friend taking photos, talk to them about working with the videographer (and any assistant he or she may bring) to ensure a smooth relationship and professional behavior. Have them work out during the rehearsal and early in the wedding day where each will be during key moments. And make it clear to any family members or friends who will be taking snapshots that they need to take care not to get in the videographer's way during those big moments. 

Tell Them What's Important. When meeting with your videographer, be clear about what you find most important about your wedding and reception. Are there particular family or friends that you want to get on camera? Is hearing good wishes from your guests what you care most about? What are your favorite parts of the theme or decorations? Are you particularly proud of any particular aspect, or are there any traditions that mean the most to you? Sharing your priorities with anyone who will be filming will help them make a video that pleases you.

By applying these 4 tips, you can build a good relationship with everyone recording your special day and help make sure that the resulting video reflects how special and beautiful your wedding was.